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Discover YOUR New Gym

The legacy continues!

Train in the 403

1 Week intro offer


3 MOnths


No contracts

No extra fees

cancel any time, no charge


3 MONTHS - $100

DROP IN - $10

At our gym, value speaks for itself. We're proud to offer memberships with no registration, activation, contract, or admin fees. Say goodbye to renewal fees too!

Our commitment is to provide you with unmatched value right in your town.


At LEGACY 403, we honour the gym's rich legacy while prioritizing value and flexibility. Enjoy cancel-anytime Month-to-Month memberships, pause options, flexible payment plans, and zero contracts, admin, cancellation, or registration fees. Join us at the 403 to forge your own legacy in fitness!

Discover your new gym - train in the 403 and build your LEGACY | 403-204-1969


We're Building Our Team

LEGACY 403 is recruiting Personal Trainers and a Nutrition Coach to grow our team as we aim to drive more and more value to our fantastic members - our family. 

Connect with us at to find out more about the positions and what we are looking for.

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